Feb 13, 2013

I've found her!

Every time I read scripture's description of an excellent wife I feel like a con-artist.
How did I ever trick this wonderful woman into marrying me?  

On our first date, when I was 15 years old, I was smitten with this blossoming young woman who would become my wife.  I could write how she was industrious, disciplined, and skilled... I could write how she has an old soul, sparkling hazel eyes, and is beautiful in sweats without makeup or hair product.  I could write that she is a highly skilled nurse and always the top of her class.  I could tell you that Mel was (and still is) intelligent, witty, and creative.  I could explain that Mel is an excellent mom--she doesn't just mother she is a mom.  She is wired to nurture, discipline, laugh, teach, and raise kids.  All of those things are true but I want to write about something else.

In a world full of phonies, Mel is sincere.  
And, in a world full of people who take themselves too seriously. Mel is playful.
That is who she is and she is WONDERFUL!
That is (one reason) why I love Mel and find her the most lingerable person on the planet.  That is why many people love to be around my wife.  It is also why a few people find it difficult to be around my wife.  Mel draws people out.  She has this uncanny ability to draw out laughter and tears (I'm talking junior-high-locker-room-deep-gut chuckles and snotty-nosed-watching-the-Notebook sobs).  You don't stay in the shallow end with Mel very long.  She doesn't push or prod or pry, she listens and cares (really) and laughs and cries with you.  

Of every thing I can think of that I appreciate about my wife (and there are MANY things: she is a tremendous helpmate, she is trustworthy, she never lies, she is creative, she is supportive, the list could go on...read Proverbs 31:10-31 if you want an accurate description), THIS is what I most appreciate about her: she is sincere and playful.

Mel's sincerity and playfulness remind me daily of the deep abiding joy of life in Christ despite any circumstances.  I'm an evangelist wanna-be who tries to weasel the message about Jesus into every conversation.  I'm not making a sales pitch, I simply know how my life has been radically and eternally transformed because of Jesus and I want others to experience life in Christ also.  But Mel doesn't pry and resists weaseling yet she has often proven more effective in evangelism.  Because she is sincere and playful people see that she really loves Jesus.  Mel doesn't need programs, meetings, or curriculum.  She just loves God and loves others.  What's more?  Every day I get to see the love of Jesus through her.

Happy Valentine's Day Mel.  I couldn't do what I do and I couldn't be who I am without you.
I love you!


  1. This is awesome, Tyler. I'm one of those people who loves to be around your wife. :) I'm just sad it's way toooo long in between hang-outs. I love Mel's sincerity, too.

    Also, soooo, how about you guys come pastor a church in Des Moines? :) Haha!

    1. Thanks Melissa. We'd love to be closer but are so thankful the Lord has called us to Holstein! We're closing on a house on Tuesday and are happy to sink our roots a little deeper into this ministry terrain.

  2. Wow, what a way with words!!!:) I love to see young women who are so sincerely committed to being a Mother. It is the hardest, most important job we could ever want and be blessed to have! You two are such a blessing to our family and our community. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Great Job Tyler!! Mel is an awesome child of God and its great that she can be her around you and having God in your life as a couple :)