May 6, 2009

MTV Cribs - Silas edition

We thought we'd give all of you an idea of how we roll at the parsonage by offering you a VIP all-access tour of the CRIB of Silas:
As you can see the interior designer implemented a safari green palette to capture Silas's wild side...stripes on one wall draw the eye skyward to make the room appear taller, as though outdoors, and surround you with a feeling of lush african jungle foliage. Note the en vogue S-I-L-A-S depicting the status and importance of Silas's name. Animal pelts (actually amazing paintings done by momma Mel) hung on the east wall with Zebra-skinned curtains--high contrast black & white patterns are fantastic for baby brain development...Silas's curtains are not only ferociously fashionable but cognitively functional!

the crib is especially perfect for sleeping through the night (but he's currently using a bassinet). if you look close you can see the spin-a-rims...:)
pictured here in the corner is what we might call the "watering hole" (the recliner) where the majority of Silas's feeding occurs, it is also a special location for bonding with mom.

along the north wall you will notice another zebra print curtain, snapshots of Silas's safari (more of Mel's paintings), Silas's growing library (he'll take after dad), his favorite bouncy seat, and a large talking Tigger.

Last but not least we find the fecal deposit chambers. Rare are the opportunities to view such intimate quarters in the jungle, but here on CRIBS we give you total access to Silas's safari.
you'll note the diapers and "butt paste" to treat gluteal rash as well as the hippo, elephant, and rhino portraits (good work Mel). As all the stars say, "this is where the magic happens."
Approximately 12-15 diapers changed daily. :)
Now that you've seen Silas's curtains, you've seen his pictures, you'ves seen his changing table, and you've seen his crib -- get out of here MTV! :)


  1. WOW! I'm so glad I checked this out before going to bed. I'm sure I'll dream Silas and safari. Tyler, you are a very creative writer---maybe a little sleep deprived? Melinda, your artistic talents are so good! It's nice to now be able to visualize Silas in his surroundings, so nicely planned and prepared by his parents. Love Auntie Roxie

  2. I am so glad that I decided to check out the parsonparsonage blogspot this morning before going to work!!! What a special treat to view Silas' safari room! Great interior designers in Sioux Center, Iowa!! The art work is super, Melinda, and what a joy to read Tyler's detailed description of it all......your creative writing skills are outstanding (thanks to Northwestern College??)!! Lots of love, "great-aunt" Rolene