May 5, 2009

week one

Silas turned one week old today--way to go son! :) Both mom & dad are doing well and adjusting to life as three...I decided that God has bad math. In marriage God said that 1+1=1...i.e. "the two shall become one," of course we all know that one plus one equals two. in starting a family then, 1+1=3 (still can't get that equation worked out). For Melinda and I the addition of Silas has been such a blessing that words cannot express our joy.

Momma Mel has discovered that Silas loves having his head & hair placed under warm running water and that he very much enjoys sitting in his bouncy chair. Daddy Tyler is convinced that Silas is right handed--we do pull-ups everyday in which he grasps my thumbs with his hands, I raise his arms over his head and he flexes his muscles and grasps tighter like he's trying to pull himself up--he tends to favor that right hand already. Silas has long fingers and will either palm a basketbal by age 8 or be one mean bass player in his teens.

For the first few days in the hospital we were beginning to regret naming him Silas because he was keeping us up with his midnight "singing" that is for sure. :) Grandma Thies has been a HUGE help allowing both Mel & I to sleep through the nights, staying up with Silas (who has now been sleeping in about 3-4 hr. blocks of time through each night), thanks Grammy!
Mel walked into Silas's room a couple nights ago at about 2 a.m. with her arms cradling an imaginary child, (Silas was already sleeping in the bassinet). Grandma Rochelle screamed a whisper, "Don't you dare wake him up!" Mel looked down in the bassinet, dropped her arms to her sides as she saw Silas sleeping, and said, "I thought I had him." We had a good laugh over this symptom of being an exhausted new mom. This occasion triggered a series of events we now affectionately refer to as "aching arms." Both Mel and I have awakened from our sleep nearly every night convinced that Silas was nestled in our arms to realize, with sadness and disappointment, that Silas is actually asleep in the other room...these events, I believe, best express the emotions of becoming a parent--our hearts and bodies actually long for our son and our arms ache for his presence.

pictures from Silas's first week...


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. I love the new pictures and comments from daddy Tyler.

  2. Beautiful pictures.....even a little SMILE from a one-week-old.....he must be extremely happy with his new parents and his new home, etc!!
    Happy One-Week Birthday, precious Silas, from Rolene & Tom!!

  3. Congratulations to you all. Tyler, you are one strange dude - but extremely funny and you make me laugh. - Dan Boeck